I am a…

Blog posts are in English or Chinese, depending on my mood.

My GPG key fingerprint is 42F6 3E9D 68B9 884B 414D 4185 1029 4E7C 4008 E282. You can fetch my public key from Keybase (Not recommended since I do not frequently update it) and MIT PGP Public Key Server. Usually I will sign files, messages and codes (Git commits, tags) with the subkey 8F7C 924D D15F E3BA 317A 46E8 BAF4 0B91 0F4B 1346, but my emails (Enigmail does that) and some of my previous codes are signed with my primary key. Just a reminder. You are welcomed to send me encrypted messages!

You can contact me over:

  • Telegram.
  • Email: lmy441900 at …
    • Personal: live dot com
      • or gmail dot com (I may not check it frequently).
    • Work (AOSC and development related): aosc dot xyz.
  • Radio (if I happen to be on any channel)!